BarreSocks Favorite Winter Wine

December 20, 2016 BarreSocks Team

We know most of our Barre Babes enjoy wine as much as we do. We wanted to share this amazing wine we discovered. It's Organic & only $8 a bottle. Need we say more?! 

Its a 2014 Cabernet by Rare Earth. We buy it ( by the case ) at Trader Joes.

This Cab has notes of plum and cherry and are perfectly balanced with hints of vanilla with a toasted oak finish. 


Why the girls at Barre Socks love organic wine? Organic wines are made purely of organic grapes. There is nothing else added which means the sulfite count is far less than any non organic wine. Wine with high sulfites tend to give us headaches and cause dehydration a lot faster. Pretty much, we would rather have 3 glasses than 2 without feeling bad :)





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