About Us

BarreSocks was created in October 2014, by a barre enthusiast who had a vision. This vision began as a sock line: cute, comfortable and stylish barre socks that would stand out in a room full of other barre socks. The idea quickly came to life and grew rapidly, as our BarreSocks did just that – they stood out.
As the brand has evolved, so have our socks.
Our BarreSocks are now..
Breathable ( made with bamboo cotton)
Anti Microbial
Have a re enforced heel and toe 
& Have a the most durable PVC grip on the market.
Consistently putting a lot of thought, love and gratitude into each creation, BarreSocks is reaching the hearts of all our fellow barre enthusiasts – with no end in sight.
A percentage of profits are donated to local charities in Los Angeles.